Planning on moving to Canada from the US this year? Here is a guide to help make the process go as smooth as possible.

  • Step 1

Visit Canada to determine where you want to live and decide the logistics for that area.  Be sure your application for permanent residency is accepted prior to making your final decision.  Americans with a valid US passport, NEXUS card or passport card can stay in Canada up to 180 days without having to apply for their Canadian visa.

  • Step 2 

Deciding on what type of permanent Canadian residency you best qualify for.  You can choose from Skilled Workers and Professionals, Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience, Investors & Entrepreneurs, Provincial Nominees and Family-Sponsored categories.  You can reference the Citizenship and Immigration website for further review.

  • Step 3 

Complete the permanent residency application from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.  Be sure to use blue or black ink and write legibly to avoid delays.

  • Step 4

Submit the application, supporting documents and the appropriate fee to the Canadian office listed on your application.

  • Step 5 

Waiting for your application to be accepted.  Newly accepted applicants will receive an official resident card as soon as the application is accepted

  • Step 6

This is where we come into play.  Hire a mover!!  Below is a list of documents required for your cross-border move.  Speak to your mover prior to relocating to make sure all documents are in place to prevent delay.

Documents Required:
• Bar Coded Customs Cargo Control Document _____
• Completed Household Goods Bill of Lading _____
• Customs Form 7525v _____
• Copy of the customers passport/work visa _____
• Original Vehicle Title _____
• Two photo copies of the Title (front and back) _____
• Letter of Intent for Arrival at the Port _____
• Letter from Lien Holder Authorizing Exportation (if applicable) _____

Professional Van Operator Requirements:
• Two valid forms of ID (one being a CDL) _____
• Vehicle Registration _____
• Proof of Insurance _____
Additionally, effective January 1, 2008, all professional van operators crossing the border will be
required to have a valid, current passport.

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