AMJ Campbell – Florida’s Specialized Transportation Experts

When you need specialized transportation, look to AMJ Campbell for answers. You’ll find the equipment, people, and experience you expect.

We serve shippers of high-value goods in every industry. Our customers insist on, and we deliver, unfailing solutions in specialized logistics. In particular, we are known for expertise in:

The Atlas Network of Specialized Logistics Resources

As an agent of Atlas, AMJ Campbell connects you with the resources of Atlas Logistics. The Atlas Logistics fleet is fully equipped for the challenges of specialized transport, with ramps and hydraulic lifts, pads, straps and dollies.

Beyond our corporate resources, the Atlas agency family operates approximately 500 locations across the U.S. and Canada, with an extensive warehouse capacity. What’s more, through select international partnerships, you get access to Atlas-approved providers when you need a global response to specialized transport.

As your specialized transportation partner, we commit totally to your success. And we stand behind that commitment with a simple promise: “Dedication to Exceptional Personalized Service.”

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