Long Distance Experts


Planning on moving to another state with your family, company or just to explore something new on
your own? AMJ Campbell Florida, a trusted and award winning agent of Atlas Van Lines can help you
from start to finish with your long distance move. With over 60 years of experience and over 500 agents
in our Atlas network we can service nearly the entire North American Continent. Keep in mind every
day is moving day for us so let us make this experience as stress free as possible for you.


Choosing the Right Mover

Deciding on a moving company can be the first obstacle when it comes to long distance moving. Having
a Nationally known company such as Atlas can start you off on the right foot. We guarantee all of our
pickup and delivery times so there is a never a worry in your mind about scheduling. You hear so many
stories about companies not showing up on the scheduled move day but with a National moving
company you never have to worry about that. We are also a proud member of the American Moving &
Storage Association (AMSA). They represent the moving industry and also the consumer to ensure all
aspects of the move are being handled properly. Click the link here to read more about AMSA


Providing an Accurate Estimate

Our Moving Consultants are here to provide each of our customers with the most accurate estimate
possible. When you schedule an appointment with us to come out and take a look at everything you
want to make sure that the Atlas Representative sees everything in your home. That includes
everything from the items in your kitchen cabinets to things you may have stored away in your attic.
This will ensure everything that you plan on moving is included in your quote and the price that we give
you is accurate as well. No one wants to have to pay more than what they were originally quoted so
spending a little bit more time showing us everything in your home guarantees that.